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Second Cycle Degree in Geoengineering

Overview and Aims

brochureThe master degree in Geoengineering based at University of Firenze is an international and interdisciplinary master dedicated to train specialist of monitoring, design and management for geohydrological risk reduction with particular reference to floods, landslides, subsidence, sinkhole and in general to slope and basin scale dynamics. The lessons will be held exclusively in English.

The curriculum in Geoengineering is developed in the framework of the UNESCO Chair on Prevention and Sustainable Management of Geo-Hydrological Hazards  established at the University of Firenze. The Chair mission is to promote Education, Research and Development for the prevention and management of geo-hydrological hazards, in order to support policies and actions of risk reduction.

The master course aims to train specialists  able to:

know and develop methods and techniques for territorial survey and related data analysis at different scale of work;
apply new technologies for the prevention and protection of man and environment from geo-hydrological hazards;
develop an integrated approach for the assessment of geo-hydrological hazards;
cope with problems raising from monitoring and management of the territory and the environment;
achieve expertise for geo-hydrological risk assessment and management.


The master course lasts two years and the teaching program is based on the integration of different knowledge and expertise in the field of structural mechanics, geotechnics, hydrology, hydraulics, geology and engineering geology, as well as numerical methods, statistics and geomatics.



last update: 17-Feb-2023
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