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Second Cycle Degree in Geoengineering
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Traineeship and Final Examination

In order to obtain the second cycle degree, a final exam must be performed.
In order to be admitted to the final exam, students must have obtained all the ECTS included in their study plan and foreseen by the official Educational Rules of the degree course.

Integral part of the final exam are at least 3 ECTS of stage and traineeship that must be officially activated through the stage office of the School of Engineering or with the help of the professors in charge of the organization.

The student manages the preparation and discussion activities of the final thesis under the supervision of two university professors, and a tutor from the company/agency or laboratory where the traineeship was activated.

Students working on the final thesis should apply advanced methodologies linked to research and technologic innovation activities in specific sectors, in accordance with the learning objects of the degree course. In this way, the student can achieve knowledge and autonomous judgement com-petences in specific sectors, under the coordination of his/her supervisors.

The final thesis must be written in English.

last update: 13-Nov-2019
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